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5 tricks to keep your house fresh for the winter!

Your expecting guest and you’ll be entertaining. Being inside during the winter months can destroy a carpet and really put a beating on your home. Below we listed some great tips to keep your house clean and ready for an action-packed winter!


Keep carpets clean!

No matter the kind of carpet you have, the carpet will get dirty, regardless of how careful you are about not walking through the house with your shoes on. Eventually dust and dirt end up making the carpet look worn and dirty.That can cause your allergies flare too! Using a carbon filter is a great way to keep dirt and odors out of the air which eventually ends up in the carpet fibers.


Pet Stain Removal - Bowden's Carpet Cleaning


Get rid of pet stains and odors

When it’s cold outside, your pet’s will most likely be inside.During that time, your pets are more likely to have accidents inside your house. Maybe your pup likes your couch over his pee-pad. Those types of stains/odors can be difficult to remove without professional help. Using non-toxic chemicals, Bowden’s can get the stains and smells right out! Having strong odors in a house can really be a bummer on your guest so deodorizers can help you avoid the embarrassment.


Nasty tile & grout

The most overlooked part of your home is the tile and grout. Kitchens, bathrooms, and Florida rooms all have tile and grout. Dirt builds up on the tile and can make it look nasty and stained. Some homes even have mold growing in the grout. The best way to get it shining again is to steam clean it with super hot water and a powerful vacuum. Our hot water will kill any germs and the high pressure blast will loosen the dirt and mold.


Keep upholstery sanitary

Throughout the cold months, your upholstery and furniture may take some damage. From muddy socks and shoes to drenched raincoats. Instead of using blankets, have to fabric steam cleaned to keep it sanitary. Steam cleaning can take care of stains from clay and dirt. Steam cleaning will also get rid of any pet smells that may develop during the time you’re keeping them inside. We use a special tool attachment to get the tough areas. Bowden’s will get the stains and smells out! You’ll see your old furniture in brand new way!


Pressure wash your deck

Privacy is one of the many benefits of having a fence. Wooden or plastic, eventually will get weathered and dull. Cleaning your deck and fence professionally will bring back the beautiful original texture. When you wash be sure not to clean to close as you can damage the paint with the water. Using bleach is a great way to get the mold and grime off without hurting your plants.

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