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The Benefits of Pressure Washing Your Home

Bowden’s does more than just carpet cleaning, tile & grout cleaning, and 24 hour emergency flood restoration.

Using pressurized water to clean residential locations, driveways, external surfaces (maybe the outer portions of your business) is called “Pressure Washing”.

With this cleaning method, you can clean your fences, roofs and driveways in a flash!

Mother nature can really do a number on your home.

Destroying the panels, ruining paint, and making your driveway turn green!

Algae and mold can lead to damaged panels, eating through or harden on to your home’s paint.

Before Pressure WashingAfter Pressure Washing

So what do we have to do to avoid this headache?

Simply pressure washing the exterior will take care of any mold or algae.

Regular washing will save your home from some expensive repairs down the road.


Key benefits of pressure washing your home


  • Pressure washing keeps your home in good condition

Over time, the exterior of your house will develop mold, algae, and moss.

Algae and moss can easily grow and stick to the exterior of any location if not treated properly.

The growth of algae and moss can and will destroy your home’s exterior appearance.


  • Regular pressure washing will improve your home’s appearance (and your family’s health).

Nasty pollen, toxic mold and algae can build up on your homes exterior surfafes over time.

Coronavirus can make the elderly really sick.

Be sure to clean both the outside and inside of your home with disinfectants.

Carpet Cleaning Can Fight Coronavirus

Germs like Coronavirus travel through the air and can get stuck in your lungs or the exterior of your home.

Homeowners usually blame flowers nearby plants when they start to sneeze or experience allergies.

They may be unaware that their home’s exterior walls could be to blame.

If you noticed any new skin rashes (while having green colored exterior walls) it may be a good idea to get your home pressure washed!

To keep safe from the recent outbreak, consider osing down your property thoroughly.

Washing your home with bleach and pressurized water is called “sofwashing”.

If you would prefer to leave the challenge up to the pros, call Bowden’s today.


Pressure washing driveways

  • Pressure washing can increase the value of your property

Having a clean home makes your house super easy to sell.

Usually, the first thing on a buyer’s mind is usually “how well was this property kept?”.

So, layers of dirt and grime won’t leave a good impression on your potential buyers mind.

Pressure washing will keep home’s exterior in good sterile shape and increase the value.

As a result, your home will likely sell quickly.

In the end, cleaning the exterior portion is not very costly, but it can earn you a lot of extra money.



  • Pressure washing will help to remove left-over paints and stains

When you get your home painted the worst thing that you’ll find is the excess debris and peelings paint particles, YUCK!

Paint usually sticks better to porous surfaces, so it makes it super difficult to clean.

It’s a major pain-in-the-butt trying to get rid of these paint particles by hand.

The best thing you can do is pressure wash the pieces away.

Don’t break your back trying to pick up all the pieces one by one using your hands.

To get your home cleaned call Bowden’s today!


  • Pressure washing is an environmentaly-friendly process

Since your cleaning the exterior of your home, you’ll need some serious chemicals.

But, no worry!

Luckily, bleach (the main chemical used for soft-washing) is eco-friendly.

This means it won’t hurt you, or damage other portions of your home.

The worst that can happen may be some discoloring of clothes if you happen to be exposed to it.

This is why it’s best to call Bowdens and let us handle the dirty work.

Thank god, keeping your home clean doesn’t make use of any harmful chemicals.

It’s also cost-effective too. Pressure washing machines create a concentrated jet.

This means our special machines create maximum output while using less water.

Research reports that during the process you’ll consume about 75% less water than the normal “hose-down” cleaning method.


  • With minimum input, you can get maximum output

The most important thing about this type of cleaning is you can get maximum output with little effort.

Other cleaning methods require lots of time and physical effort.

Other cleaning methods won’t even get close to the same results that you can achieve with pressure washing.


Pressure Washing - Side by SIde Results


Our Conclusion

So it’s settled.

Pressure washing your home is the best method to keep your home spotless, happy and healthy.

This method is not only cost-effective, but it’ll save you a lot of time.

Whenever you’re interested in selling a home, you’ll want to stick with the environmentally-friendly cleaning option.

Spare yourself and your family from any health issues that can result from mold.

For best results you can schedule a cleaning as regular as 4 times to 2 times annually.

Good luck Tallahassee, FL!

To get your home cleaned call Bowden’s today!

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